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Egypt Tours : Testimonial 2012
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Testimonial 2012

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See our guest Travel experience to Egypt and Greece & Turkey , Athens - Greek Mainland – Greek & Turkey Islands: Izmir, Ephesus , Kusdasi , Bodrum , Rhodes & Crete , our tours and travel services to Egypt and the Middle East , our professional Egyptology Guides during tours and Holidays packages .

Our Guests & Travelers are variety of multi-national travelers from over 68 countries including North America ( USA & Canada ) , Latin America ( Argentina , Brazil & Peru ) , West Europe Countries Germany , France , Italy , Spain , Greece , Portuguese , The United Kingdom , Austria , Holland , Denmark , Australia , The Middle East Countries Lebanon , United Arab Emirates UAE Dubai, Qatar , KSA , Morocco , Algeria , Tunisia , The Far East including Japan , , Singapore , Hong Kong , Malaysia , Indonesia , plus South Africa , India , New Zeeland , East Europe Countries , International Schools & Universities etc...


From: Ricardo Chagas Rapacki    -  United Kingdom

Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2012 9:10 PM

To: Summit Tours ( Info )

Subject: Re:  Egypt Tour

Dear Summit Tours,

It's me who should thank you! Everything during my days in Egypt went great and I have no complaints, only compliments for a great service! I will recommend it for sure to everyone, it was an unforgettable trip!

Best Regards,





From: Fernanda Maliczewski  Brazil

Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 2:14 AM


Subject:  Egypt & Jordan Tour

Dear Aziz,

I hope you be fine and your wonderful country as well. We are grateful for your services during our trip in Egipt and Jordan everywhere was amazing and unforgetable.

We were satisfied with the hospitality and kindness of egipcian people mainly. The guides were very kind with us, we learned a lot from them especially Jamili in Sinai and Mohamad in Jordan.  

I recommend your services for our friends here in Brazil. We are looking forward to travel with Summit tours again. Whith many thanks and best regards.

Luciano Bitello e Fernanda Maliczewski.





From: Naira Maria BalzarettiBrazil

Sent: Wednesday, February 01, 2012 9:28 PM

To: Summit Tours ( Sales )

Subject: Re: thank you for Egypt & Jordan Tour

Dear Aziz,

We are back home safe and well , our tour was fantastic , and all your staff were excellent and highly skilled . We certainly will recommend Summit Tours to our friends and  hope to come back some day! .

Please pass our thanks to everybody . Thank you again for all your efforts .

Best regards


Naira Balzaretti Group from Brazil : Egypt & Jordan Tours : Summit Tours Egypt Group Photos




From: Ursula Caballero – USA

Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 11:38 AM

To: Summit Tours ( Sales )

Subject:  Egypt Metaphysical & Spiritual Tour # STMS01 : Program 11 Nights 12 Days :



Dear Summit Tours ,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all Summit Tours staff for an amazing tour of Egypt . Emadmohsen was very professional tour leader , and had allowed us for more time in the Egyptian Museum and at the Pyramids . Also in Luxor & Aswan Mahmoud was not only a professional Egyptology Guide , but also a class person . We found the people of Egypt very kind and nice , and we felt very safe and secure specially in this hard time . We wish you company much success , you have many treasures , and we certainly will recommend Summit Tours to our friends and we hope to come back again .



Ursula and Mario from USA : Egypt Spiritual & Metaphysical Tours : Egypt Tours : Summit Tours Egypt Group Photos



From: Philip Pragasam - Malaysia

Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2012 7:58 PM

To: Emadss

Subject: Re: Nile Cruise Feed Back

Dear Emad,

Apologies for the delay in replying. We all has a great time and enjoyed your beautiful country. We have given our feedback to your Luxor's tour leader, Ahmed and we were happy in everything expect for our 1st guide's performance.

I've strongly recommended you and Summit Tours to anyone who had asked us about our tripand I sincerely hope that they would contact you soon for their own hoildays.

Thank you so much for everything again.






From: Ken Harvey  : Melbourne : Victoria : Australia

Sent: Wednesday, January 11, 2012 7:32 AM

To: Summit Tours ( Sales )

Subject: Re: Feeed back - Egypt & Jordan Tours  

Hello Emad

Thank you for the services you arranged we had a terrific holiday and we were generally very happy with your services.  The only problem we had was the fuss necessary to change the return rail ticket from Luxor to Cairo. Thanks again for your assistance with our travels.

It was an amazing experience.


Ken Harvey



From: Nadia Cecilie  -  Oslo : Norway

Sent: Sunday, January 08, 2012 4:34 PM

To: Summit Tours ( Sales )  

Subject: Re: Feed Back: Lake Nasser program


Happy new year to you as well -  Yes we are very happy with the good service!

Kind regards,


Sent from my iPhone





From: JABBOUR/KARIM - Lebanon

Sent: Saturday, December 10, 2011 10:21 AM

To: Summit Tours ( Sales )  

Subject: Re: Hunting Tour : El Fayoum Oasis


Well thanks a lot for your email.  I had a good time! We will be coming back soon!

Regards, Karim



Karim from Lebanon : Hunting Tour at El Fayoum Oasis : Egypt Tours : Summit Tours Egypt Group Photos



Sent via my BlackBerry® smartphone from Alfa 





From: Laura rocha  - Brazil

Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2011 8:29 PM

To: Summit Tours ( Sales )

Subject: RE: trip feed back : Egypt & Jordan Tour

Dear Aziz

As I told your rep in Sharm, the tour was very well organised and I only have to thank you for the planning and for the guides, specially the ones in Cairo- Emad and Amir, if I'm not mistaken.  The only dowside was the ferry to Agaba- we were there at 1200 noon and it only left at 6pm. Not your fault though.
Other than that, congratulations for a job very well done.

We wil sure "see" you again.
Maybe for a trip to Dubai?

Best Regards





From: Sanjay P - USA

Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2011 5:47 AM


Subject: Excellent Service

Dear Mr. Emad

as You know we completed our tour with you 2 weeks ago. I wanted to let you know we had an excellent time. The people were very friendly and the weather was excellent. Your team was expertly professional. I wish to give my highest regards to Mr. Emad who was with us in Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh, and to Mr. Amir who was our tour guide in Cairo and ALexandria. They provided exceptional service and I wish them all the best luck in their careers. Also the Manager at Sharm El Sheikh was very accomodating with our requests and we very much appreciate it. Since we have returned to the US. Many people have already requested the name of our tour company to use for their travels. We have distributed your name to many people already. I hope they will book with you as I know they will have an excellent holiday in Egypt as we did. Thank you once again


Sanjay Patari



Sanjay Patari Group from USA : Egypt Tours : Summit Tours Egypt Group Photos





From: Edward WesnerCanada

Sent: Monday, November 14, 2011 2:40 PM

To: Summit Tours ( Sales )

Subject: Re:  Egypt Tour : Program # STC01 for 6 nights 7 days : Cairo - Nile Cruise ( Luxor & Aswan ) – Cairo



Dear Emad.

First let me thank you for making our stay in Egypt the highlight of our trip...all members of our group commented on how much they enjoyed the experience. Your drivers, vehicles, tour guides and coordinators the cruise ship and accommodations were first class!

We only had one glitch...our travel summary you sent us showed us catching the 5:45 AM flight out of Cairo to Aswan. The tickets that were issued were for the 7:30 AM flight. Emad told us to be ready for pickup at the hotel for 3:15AM . That meant we had to get up at 2AM. That was the only problem and we definitely, will recommend your Tour Company to everyone who we know going to Egypt....thanks again!

Ed Wesner



Edward Wesner Group from Canada : Egypt Tours : Summit Tours Egypt Group Photos





From: Pat McMenaminAdelaide : South Australia : Australia

Sent: Saturday, October 22, 2011 5:54 AM

To: Summit Tours ( Sales )  

Subject: Hello

Dear Mr Emad


We have been home now for two days trying to get back to real life after our magnificent trip to Egypt.  Everything you organised for John & myself was exactly what we wanted. The pick-up transfers from airports to hotels were always on time. The drivers, Cars (always air conditioned) and Tour representers were always friendly and eager to please. In Cairo, we made two very special friends Emad our tour guide and Emir our Egyptologist. Both of them became like family to us and we always felt very safe with them. Anything we asked, they went out of their way to deliver. Everything they did for us was over and above the call of duty, and we would like you to give them a very Special Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. We wont ever forget them. In Aswan, also Abu Simbal, the same thing. Our tour guides looked after us extremely well. On the Nile cruise we had a wonderful guide Mahmoud. He also became a friend to us and no matter what we asked, he did it for us. We wont forget him either.  Ahmed in Luxor, was extremely kind to us when we run into difficulties because of Airport strikes in Cairo and had to stay an extra night there. He helped us change our flights a few times because of this, so also a thank you to him.

Again in Sharm El Shiek, Sherrif met us at the airport and was more than helpful. We did a tour with him on our last day and thoroughly enjoyed his company. A lovely person. Our whole experience in Egypt was everything we had dreamed of. The memories we have brought back with us will always be remembered. It is a magical and truly inspiring country. I can only thank you from my heart for this beautiful holiday, which was made possible by you making sure, everything was as I had anticipated.  I wish you and your company Summit Tours many many years of success, and will recommend you to all of my friend if they decide on a trip to Egypt. 

Once again Thank you, and hope that all goes well for your country in the future.


My very warmest regards

 Pat McMenamin





From: Shama Patari  -  Chicago : Illinois : USA

Sent: Friday, November 04, 2011 9:20 PM

To: Summit Tours ( Info )

Subject: Re: Egypt Trip Feed Back

Dear Emad ,

The tour was very good. We really enjoyed seeing all that Egypt had to offer. We were in awe in every city. The guide Amir in Cairo was very knowledgeable. We had an excellent time throughout the whole tour. Too often, we had to all agree to do something or none could do something. For example, only some people in our group wanted to go to the Sound and Light show in at Karnak Temple, but our guide informed us that we all had to agree to attend or no one could attend. Similarly, not all of us wanted a city tour of Aswan, but our guide told us that we all had to agree or none of us could go. I think in that manner, Sharm El Sheikh was nice because not all of us had to do the same activity. We were able to split up and attend activities of our interest.

Despite the two issues, the tour was fantastic. Many thanks for working with us and putting together an excellent tour package.

Best regards,




Shama Group from Boston USA : Egypt Tours : Summit Tours Egypt Group Photos





From: Deniss AraqueEcuador

Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 1:54 PM


Subject: Re: Feed Back :  Egypt Tour # STC01 : Program


Dear Emad

you , we enjoyed the tour , Aswan , Luxor , Cairo Hotels were very good . Tour guides were all very good specially Hosam ( the tour guide from Aswan to Luxor ( Cruise guide ) he was excellent . Drivers were all good and friendly . We had very good time during all tours except for the first day in Aswan as our flight had a 8 hours delay .  


Thank you so much for everything .

Kind regards




Deniss Group from Brazil : Egypt Tours : Summit Tours Egypt Group Photos




From: Jeanine Chen   -  Boston - USA


Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2011 10:46 PM

Subject: Re: Egypt Tour Program One


We are back in the United States safe and sound.

The Tour was great. We were impressed with the airport transfers to/from airport/hotel. It was comforting to know that there was someone to meet us as soon as we got off the plane so we would know what to do.   The tours and guides (Ramadan & Amir) on the cruise and Cairo were excellent.

Our guide in Luxor (mena) was very nice, however we did feel very pressured from him to book tours. We did end up booking the Hot Air Balloon Tour with Mena which ended up great, but we were adament about not wanting any other tours (such as the city tour which he tried to get us to book on numerous occasions and while it may be his job to book tours we felt it was a little overboard).

All in all, the Tours in Egypt and the itinerary was very good. We enjoyed our vacation/stay in Egypt and hope to come again soon.

Thanks for all your help in booking this for us and making our vacation as great as possible!!


Jeanine Chen





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